A Room for Baby – Katerina Buscemi
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A Room for Baby

A Room for Baby

In the midst of our huge home renovation (it all began with a heat gun but we proceeded to tear half of our house down to the studs), we are planning a room for our new baby girl, due to join us around Thanksgiving (or two weeks before, if she's kind to her rapidly expanding mother).

At times, I find myself panicked at the thought having a baby in two months, when four of us are already sharing a bedroom, with no completion date in sight. I have to remind myself that people used to get by with 10 children in a one room house.

We will be reducing baby's room by 2 feet because we are increasing the size of the kids' bathroom to accommodate a linen closet and separate shower and tub (see floor plan below). Still, her room is 14'x11', more than enough space for a little girl to spread out (her sister's old room was 10'x10').

Many of the furniture items in the new nursery were used in her brother and sister's rooms, but I couldn't resist getting a little "themey" this time with some forest bedding and little fawn prints. I used to create these kid room inspo mood boards for Apartment therapy and I hadn't realized how useful they are for distilling the essence of the design. Until I started putting this board together, I'd planned on butterfly mobiles and liberty floral bedding but now i think it's all about that little fawn! Granted, the 24x30" deer print shown is out of my budget and I may be settling for the 11x17 but a girl can dream (and hope that a generous relative picks up on her subtle cues).

I went a bit crazy designing wall trim in the kids' rooms. I think they add a lot of dimension to a room's decor, especially in a historic home. My only qualm about this floor to ceiling wainscoting is that it doesn't leave room for wallpaper but I supposed that's just as well since wallpaper has been a point of contention with my more conservative half.

For the wall color, I've chosen Benjamin Moore's Alabaster. The rest of our home is painted in BM White Dove but I find it has a bit of a yellow cast. Alabaster is a bit paler and more neutral, but still creamy and soft. The current plan is to paint the ceiling in a barely there, soft pink, like Benjamin Moore Tissue Pink, or Melted Ice cream.

I haven't yet decided what to do about storage but we are increasing the size of the closet and making its design more efficient, so hopefully we won't have need for too much more storage space. I never did use the kids' dresser as a changing table, preferring to change them on a pad on the floor, but having a little cabinet for diapers and onesies would be useful.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the design. What nursery item could you not live without and what do you wish you'd skipped?



1. Walls - Benjamin Moore 'Alabaster'
Ceiling - Benjamin Moore 'Tissue Pink'

2. Fairmont chandelier, Serena and Lily

3. Baby Deer print, 24x30", The Animal Print Shop

4. Caravan crib in Raw, Kalon Studios

5. Baby Deer Little Darling, 11x17", The Animal Print Shop

6. Nofred Mouse Chair in Oak, Moon Picnic

7. Luca Glider in Charcoal w/ stone piping, Monte Design

8. Small Stump, Kalon Studios

9. Fauna Crib Sheet, Garbo & Friends

10. Little Fawn Animal Head, Ella & the Roo

11. Large La Jolla Basket, Serena & Lily

12. Icelandic Sheepskin (chrome free), Black Sheep/ White Light

We've had our trusty Monte Luca Glider since Alex was born in 2010. It still looks as amazing as the day we received it. A little reminder from Olivia's bedroom in our old house, below. I suppose I am still attracted to the same color palette but with a bit more earth tone this time around and an undeniably girly pink ceiling.

Might I add that the gorgeous Pointelle knitted blanket from BlaBla Kids is the perfect shade of peachy pink! (sadly out of stock, it seems)

For the bed linens, I've long admired the gorgeous designs of Swedish brand Garbo & Friends. How to resist purchasing every piece of their fauna collection??

I actually have the twin sized duvet cover (even though I don't have a twin sized bed) that I managed to snag on sale and use mainly as a pretty backdrop for baby shoe photos.

Pictured: Lex&Liv Pegasus moccasins in Ecru organic leather, and Camcam swaddle in nude

That's all that I can muster for today. Still to come... Alex's bedroom, Olivia's bedroom, the kids' bath, the new laundry room, my new closet, the family room and the dining room. Yes, all of these rooms have been torn apart! I occasionally post progress on our house IG @lexandlivhome if you care to follow along.

Now I really must get back to making tiny baby shoes. Planning to have some ready-to-ship oxfords up on the website by the end of the month. Little preview below.

Until then,
Katerina xx

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