Consistency is.... – Katerina Buscemi
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Consistency is....

Hello Friends, In case you've been wondering where I was, I'm still here! I'd apologise for my absence but I've decided to limit my sorries to instances in which I've actually caused harm. I'm amazed at how often I find myself apologising in my day to day. I'm quite active on Instagram and Facebook these days. You can take a look at what I've been working on. I won't be discussing it on the blog for the time being, due to the terms of a recent giveaway I hosted (you do the math). Nothing for sale yet, just playing around with leather. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be posting about the adorable Jess Brown doll I made from the artist's book "the Making of a Rag Doll," which is available for pre-order. I HIGHLY recommend the book. You don't need to be talented at sewing, and yet experienced sewers won't find the sewing tips and explanations to be condescending or repetitive. It's beautifully written and easy to follow. The patterns are straightforward and unfussy. I plan on writing a detailed post, with images, about making the patterns from the book. I also managed to make this doll out of 100% organic materials- hemp muslin, organic cotton stuffing, cotton jersey, lace and voile. All from the fabulous online store Organic Cotton Plus, who were kind enough to donate the amazing materials for the making of this doll. More on the specific materials in the coming post. A preview orgcottonplus-insta jessbrown-insta (I'm not certain, but I think the comments on this blog may be working again) I'm hoping to post the latest in Danielle's master bedroom refresh soon, and I've offered to help design a couple more nurseries. Also, a Madeline inspired bedroom styleboard for Apartment Therapy to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Madeline series. I think, after that, my design obligations are momentarily satisfied, and I will be taking a break from kids' room design. I think it's time to refocus a bit (perhaps on something that I actually get paid to do! ;-)) xx Katerina

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