Master bedroom refresh, continued – Katerina Buscemi
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Master bedroom refresh, continued

You may remember the bedroom makeover/ refresh project I've been working on for Danielle, the winner of my design giveaway.  I've put together a few ideas for discussion that I'd like to share with you today. The bedroom actually has a single window on the left side of the bed (where the little painting is) but the purpose of this mockup is to get a feel for different types of furniture, rugs and colour options. The room is quite narrow (12'), so there would really only be about 3' of space on either side of the bed. The nightstand on the left would fit into the narrow space more comfortably, and the nightstand on the right has more sophisticated lines and storage capacity. I actually like having two different nightstands and it's not necessary to match the two. For instance, my nightstand is always overflowing, and yet my husband hardly uses his. We might be able to compromise in this space by allocating a little more room to one side than the other. I've kept the tones of the room cool. I suggested a lighter, more greyish colour than what was on the walls originally. Though I love the original colour too, I think "Marilyn's dress" better complements my proposed colour scheme of navy, white, and beige, with touches of carrara marble and brass. I also feel like it really goes well with Danielle's daughter's lovely artwork (shown in mockup), which will be displayed on the master bedroom walls. Resources (captions are linked) [gallery columns="5" ids="1091,1088,1090,1099,1093,1100,1094,1101,1092,1089,1098,1111,1102,1104,1113,1105,1103,1106,1107,1114"] More to follow in the coming days xx

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