This and that. – Katerina Buscemi
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This and that.

When did I go from posting twice a month to stressing that I hadn't posted at least three times in a week? Considering it's been close to two weeks since I've written a proper post, I think I should calm down and take a deep breath- people have likely stopped checking in everyday (hah!!) to see if I've written anything new. Bear with me on this long post, as I make my excuses, or at least skip to the fun part at the end. So, assuming you did actually try to read my blog, you likely reached an "under construction" network solutions page. Strange because my blog has never been hosted by network solutions. What an utter mess it has been trying to move from blogger to wordpress. Do yourself a favour- if you ever lose your mind and decide to write a blog, use from the start. I looked into it initially but was so overwhelmed by the differences between and what was self hosted, how would I secure a domain etc, that I did the easy thing at the time and set up an account with blogspot. You can start posting immediately, set up your blogspot address immediately, and it's free. Plus, there are very few limitations on what you can do with a blogger/ blogspot blog and the scripts you can use. The trouble is, it's pretty difficult to create a really great looking site, the comment function is inadequate, and controlling image size and placement is difficult. I'll spare you the details of migrating to, and deciding a few days later to go to instead because it's so boring, I don't even want to type it out. That said, if you are considering one or the other, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. What I will say though is that I transferred my domain registration from a reseller of network solutions (not fabulous) to godaddy (fabulous) and I have to give them a shout out for their amazingly helpful and courteous customer service (located in America, of all places). My blog is being hosted by Fly Wheel (a must for any blog with large, memory intensive images) and this wonderful theme was created by the talented people at Elma Studio. Sorry, I realise things started to get really dry in that paragraph but, having found what I hope to be the perfect combination after two weeks of despair, and switching back and forth, I had to share it. My main priority in the next few days is to fix the awful format of all the old posts and categorise them to make the site easier to navigate. After that, expect content to return to former fabulousness. I actually do have some pretty exciting projects coming up and because you've been so patient with me, I'm going to ruin the surprise and tell you about one. Earlier in the month, I was being a giant nerd about how exciting Jess Brown's new book release "The Making of a Ragdoll" was (please tell me there are others who get hysterical about rag dolls). Yesterday, I received my advanced copy. And I didn't even have to stalk them too terribly much to get it. Naturally, I read the book the moment I received it and it has exceeded my every expectation. I was initially skeptical that the pattern would resemble a real Jess Brown rag doll but it's actually almost exactly the same. It's slightly smaller than the original doll- the original being 22" and this one 19". The original has detached arms that are sewn on with buttons; the doll in this book has attached arms (which I actually prefer). It's an especially lovely scale for a baby. [caption id="attachment_1017" align="alignnone" width="1843"]jessbrown_ragdoll Reining in my fervor[/caption] The book comes with full scale patterns for the doll, bloomers, a sundress, a newspaper hat, tote bag, overcoat, quilt, drawstring dress, sweater hat, and apron. Plus, the designer has great advice on sewing techniques and embellishments, as well as ideas for getting creative with the design. It's detailed and straightforward enough that a sewing novice can make this doll, and yet it doesn't come across as patronising. There's a very sweet introduction explaining the backstory of the dolls' creation. You really get a sense of the love and attention that goes into the creation of every doll. As part of the book review for Apartment Therapy, I will be making the doll and her wardrobe. I have in mind exactly what I want to create for her clothing, now let us hope I can actualise it. I'll be partnering with a great company that produces beautiful organic fabrics and notions (more on that later) to make the doll as non-toxic as possible, and brushing up on my embroidery skills while seeking inspiration from Pinterest. By the way, you HAVE GOT to check out amazing embroidery artist Yumiko Higuchi. Spoiler alert: my embroidery will not be that amazing. You can pre-order Jess Brown's "The Making of a Ragdoll" on Amazon, though Wal Mart's price is better and shipping is free. It will be released on August 26th. And here is a quick video about Jess and her rag dolls, which featured on NBC.

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