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The Weekend Chronicle

I thought I'd wrap up each week with a few stimulating thoughts and links from around the web. First, can we marvel at the amazing artist Charley Harper? His paintings, known for their "minimalist realism," have a timeless quality that is also ageless in its appeal. Alex and I love him equally and have quibbled over Todd Oldham's Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life on more than one occasion. I love the bird illustrations and Alex loves the vicious dinosaurs ripping each other to shreds (sweet boy). Today, I've been having office fantasies (no, no, not that!). It's just that I've been thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a little studio in which to work. When you're at home with the kids, trying to run a blog and start a design business on the side, it can be difficult to delineate the boundaries between working and parenting. And much of the time I'm somewhere in between, trying to accomplish both, and succeeding at neither. With Alex spending longer hours in school next year, and Olivia possibly following a few months later (yes, we start them early in this household!!), it seems like the perfect opportunity to rent a little office space and, dare I suggest it, incorporate? You're not really an adult until you have your own office, right? I thought having children would make me feel like an adult but really it's just made me (more) boring and tired (and obviously all of the wonderful things that come with being a parent too) but I don't know that boring and tired necessarily equate with adult ;-) As I approach that big adult "35" milestone this November, I feel like just maybe the timing is right. I mean, think about all of the important things I could accomplish in an office of my own. I could blog at an actual desk, write important dates on a desk calendar, try to make my own moccasins, make very important conference calls, snap Instagram photos of myself being very professional at my desk, spend inordinate amounts of money purchasing very cool and useless desk accessories online, Instagram those too, look chic because I have an excuse to start buying my clothes at Banana Republic again now that I will be seen by people other than the mail carrier (who probably doesn't deserve the daily affront of my customary appearance), make cappuccinos ... oh, the possibilities. So, what do you think? When do we make the transition to adulthood? Are you there yet?   Image: The Florida Keys (1990), Charley Harper
Oct 24, 2015

I still think of myself as a very old 17 (which I also was at 17). Sadly, my 4 year old son is closer to that age than I am!

Oct 24, 2015

Oh no, don’t say that. I’m 21 and with each year I keep thinking, ‘ok, now, it’s time to be an adult.’ Hmm, I did think setting up a desk might help with that. ;)


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