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Master Bedroom Refresh

Time to step away from the nurseries for a new project! Danielle, the winner of my design giveaway has requested a "master bedroom refresh." The room has a really good foundation- lovely moulding details, wooden floors, and large windows on two walls which let in morning sun. The decor is a little sparse at the moment and Danielle would like some help warming the space up a little. The room is a little over 150 SF; I hope to have a floor plan to share in the next post but, for privacy reasons, have elected to withhold the bedroom images for now.
The walls are already painted Benjamin Moore's Palladian Blue (above) but they're flexible on changing the colour. We're likely going to stick with cool hues- pale blue, navy, apple green and white; crisp white sheets with some embroidery details, perhaps a little pattern thrown in. I suspect that we'll dedicate the bulk of our $1000 budget on a new headboard, bedding, nightstands and some lighting. Danielle would also like to add a small chair for TV watching, a larger area rug and a new TV cabinet, if possible. Our budget is a bit tight, so we'll concentrate for now on the main focal point of the room, which is the bed, and revisit our selections should we need to cut costs to add in other items. Here are some of my inspiration images for the space. Love this ^^ classic bedroom by designer Melanie Turner. It's a little more conservative than what we're going for but I think the colour scheme is really fresh. Love the white bedding with accent pillows. I think classic white bedding is the way to go. Not only are white sheets more economical and, in my view more sophisticated, but white bedding can be dressed up with colourful accent pillows and throws. GRAND-EMBROIDERED-SHEET-SET-QUEEN-BLACK

PB Grand Embroidered Sheet Set in Black, 280 Thread Count ($139 for Queen Size)


PB Grand Embroidered Sheet Set in Lapis Blue, 280 Thread Count ($139 for Queen Size)

PB Organic Sateen Sheet Set, 350 thread count ($150 for queen size)
These sheet sets, all from Pottery Barn, are great options. Not over-the-top $500 sheets but a great quality everyday option that you won't be afraid to put in the wash. peppermint-bliss

Image by Kimberly Chau, for Style Me Pretty Living

This beautiful bedroom, care of Bailey from Peppermint Bliss, shows a beautiful upholstered headboard with crisp white bedding. The border on the pillows add a touch of colour to the all-white linens.
We can achieve a similar look with these border shams ^^ from Pottery Barn, in navy or green. Home-update-5-Easy-Living-19Dec13-Alexander-James_b_426x639
Bunny Turner's Guestroom 
In this bedroom ^^, all white linens are dressed up with gorgeous patterned headboards and graphic wool throw blankets. I really love the colour scheme in this room- the floral headboard stops it from feeling too masculine. Though I personally prefer to keep the main components (in this case, the headboards) more neutral, there are other ways of bringing in pattern through pillows, decor, and art.
I really like the patterns and colours in the bedroom above, which keep the lovely wall panels from making this bedroom feel too formal. Wall paneling gives a room a really polished, high end look. We put it in our master bedroom a few years ago and it was the best decision for our awkward cathedral ceiling. In our case, the trim paneling is 5 ft high, and it helped to unify disparate wall heights and break up the taller walls a little. But for lower ceilings, you could continue the paneling to the top, or even put in a piece of trim on the ceiling about 12" from the wall, and continue the wall colour to give the space a loftier feel.
This room ^^ is a great example of using decor and plants to bring warmth into a room (though I think I would have replaced some of the greenery with a simple orchid). Also, a really lovely bedroom, with a great colour palette and beautiful monogrammed linens. Love that mirror!


Speaking of mirrors, if you can't put one above a dresser, how about above a bedside table? ^^ I feel like I should be the spokesperson for Pottery Barn but even something like these frameless mirrors add a bit of dimensions to the bedside table.

You may have picked up on one or two common themes in these bedrooms, one of which is the tailored look of the upholstered headboards. Perhaps it's because I have a very impractical iron bed that no euro pillow is capable of rendering comfortable. This family does have a dog, and though he's not destructive, I think it's something to keep in mind when selecting fabric and colours, should they decide to go this route. An upholstered headboard with a washable slipcover might also be a good option.
Though I have to say, love the shape and the wide range of durable fabric options of PB's Ardley Headboard ($599). The Lewis Headboard comes with an optional slipcover. It's going to eat up most of our budget, so I'm going to investigate other options- some great possibilities in the $300-$400 range at One King's Lane! More to come on this master bedroom update in the coming days. xx Featured Image Melanie Turner Interiors, via Veranda
Oct 24, 2015

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