Easy Banana Frozen Yoghurt – Katerina Buscemi
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Easy Banana Frozen Yoghurt

I feel like I've made a major discovery here. This may just be one of the easiest desserts I've ever made, and it has the advantage of being both delicious and nutritious. Plus, there are only two steps: freeze the bananas, blend the bananas. You can add in whatever other flavourings that suit your mood (nutella banana frozen yoghurt, anyone?) Or even replace the yoghurt with canned coconut milk (but beware of the additional calories).



  • Slice 4 yellow bananas (not too ripe)
  • Place in ziplock bag and freeze (I had mine in there for about 4 hours)
  • Blend frozen bananas, along with 1/2 cup Greek yoghurt and 1 tbsp agave syrup (adjust to taste) in food processor, or blender, until smooth.

My kids went crazy over this. The texture is so creamy. Better remember to put more bananas in the freezer for tomorrow. Needless to say, there was none left for Dad when he got home.

P.S. Yoghurt, or yogurt, is one of those words I still can't bring myself to spell the American way. You may pick up on the fact that I pick and choose. Since I cannot bear to read spelling mistakes, felt I should explain myself in this matter ;-)

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