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New Mom on the Go Must-Haves!

I found it really stressful going out in the first few months after my children were born. Admittedly, I'm not the most organised person but I found that outings were so much smoother when I had a well-stocked diaper bag and was wearing the right clothing.

If you're a nursing mom, you may or may not share my awkwardness in trying to breastfeed your child in a public place (this is by no means an admonition against doing so differently than I do). I found that wearing the right clothes made a huge difference.

First, have the right nursing bra. This one, by a Pea in the Pod, also available at Destination Maternity, is my absolute favourite. It is soooo comfortable. Not the prettiest but who cares? ;-) Don't forget your nursing pads. I also think having a few long and stretchy tank tops or camis to wear underneath a more loosely fitting shirt is essential. This way, your stomach remains covered when you lift the top shirt. Because nothing was more traumatising to me in the postpartum days than the prospect of flashing my stomach. This is by no means an exhaustive list of what is in my diaper bag. That is for another post.
  1. Modal Scarf, Banana Republic ($50). I always like to go out with a lightweight scarf or shawl because they're so versatile. The first few weeks of nursing are a high-leakage risk; these make a nice cover-up, nursing cover, or impromptu baby blanket. The coral colour is no longer available online but here is a similar one in my favourite "ombré."
  2. Cotton V-neck tee, J Crew ($20-$30): Forget the button down shirts and silk blouses for a while. Soft cotton knits are where it's at!
  3. Long tank top, H&M ($6): You don't need a dedicated nursing tank. Look for long tank tops made of a cotton/ spandex mix. These ones from H&M are lightweight, stretchy, and have adjustable straps. What's more, they're available in loads of fun colours and come in at the whopping price of $5.95 each!
  4. Platinum Leather Caryall, Freshly Picked ($240): Forget the dedicated diaper bag. You can only handle so many peripherals. This stylish Caryall from Freshly Picked does double duty as a diaper bag and leather tote. Consider having a small inner bag containing your phone, wallet, make up and essentials so that they don't get lost amongst the baby stuff. I keep meaning to try this as an easy way to switch out my handbags more often.
  5. "Maze" String Cuff Bracelet, Thief & Bandit ($24): Keep your jewelry simple. At some point, it will end up in your baby's mouth. This gorgeous line of jewelry is made from organic bamboo jersey, hand printed using non-toxic, water based inks.
  6. Shirred Cardigan, BabyGap ($27): I buy these lightweight baby sweaters from Gap in every colour and always keep one on hand in the diaper bag. I'm so impressed with the quality of the Gap's baby clothes, which I always buy on sale (and when they have a great sale, be sure to stock up).
  7. Printed Bodysuit, BabyGap ($8): Another great staple from Gap is these bodysuits. I love their layette. Always have one or two extra bodysuits with you.
  8. Keyhole Bodysuit, BabyGap ($13): I prefer clothing newborn babies in separates when out and about, rather than a sleeper. It makes for easier changing.
  9. Dobby Sun Hat, BabyGap ($17): It's a good idea to keep a sunhat in your diaper bag, especially in the first 6 months when it's not recommended you use sunblock on baby.
  10. "Feather Leather" Bracelet, Thief & Bandit ($35)
  11. Super Sensitive Sunscreen Stick SPF30, California Baby ($15): California baby is one of my favourite brands for kids. Both of my kids have sensitive skin and never reacted negatively to this brand. I like using a sunscreen stick rather than a lotion because it lessens the chance of getting sunscreen in baby's eyes, and this is a great natural, unscented option.
  12. Favourite Cozy Socks (7 pack), BabyGap ($23): My favourite baby socks because they stay on! Keep a couple of extra pairs with you.
  13. Cotton Baby Leggings, Candy Kirby Designs ($38): These lovely organic baby leggings feature wonderful graphic designs.
  14. Motherlove Nipple Cream ($9): I love this brand. It's made of olive oil, rather than lanolin, which means it's much easier to apply than Lansinoh. I purchased the set of 2 and kept one on my side table and the other in the diaper bag. It's also vegan.
  15. Oasis Organic Dream Blanket, Aden & Anais ($70): I really love just about anything by this brand and this blanket is no exception. If you're scared off by the price, they have the non-organic version for $50, and you can use a 20% coupon at Buy Buy Baby. They also have a stroller blanket ($20) in their "Aden" line.
  16. Pink Diamond Changing Pad, Nobodinoz ($25): In case you hadn't noticed, public restrooms are disgusting. I've only ever used a public bathroom changer once and vowed to never do so again. I usually change baby on my lap or on a bench in the changing room of a clothing store. Keep plastic bags with you, these are convenient because they clip onto your bag.
  17. Black and White Crocheted Wooden Teether, Nihama on Etsy ($16): These natural baby teethers are available in multiple colours and designs. Also available as necklaces. See the store for more options.
  18. Platinum Moccasins, Freshly Picked ($60): I just received my first pair of Freshly Picked moccs for Olivia and I am so in love. They're perfect for young babies because they're so soft and comfortable and IMPOSSIBLE for them to pull off on their own. (P.S. we're giving away a pair next month. See the widget in the sidebar >>>)
  19. Muslin Swaddling Blankets, Aden & Anais ($50 for 4 pack): Possibly the most versatile baby item you could own. I think I have more than 20 of these lovely swaddlers. I use them as a nursing cover too. It seems the prices have increased lately, as I used to purchase them from Buy Buy Baby for $35 for a 4-pack.
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