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Progression of "Project Glitter," the little Parisian-inspired Nursery

Today, I'm going to share with you some of the process that goes into designing a baby space. Because the mama-to-be in this case, Lexi of Glitter Inc, has a blog of her own, I'm coordinating the design reveals with her publishing timeline. And so I haven't been able to document the design/ decision process here but I've been keeping somewhat of a record that I've continued to update on this unpublished post. To see all of the posts on this Parisian-inspired nursery, click here.

The first draft, below, is what I put together based on our initial conversation. Lexi has an amazing design sense and her beautifully curated home reflects her sophisticated tastes. Her aim for the nursery was for it to have a touch of Parisian chic, with a subtle, yet not-too-girly colour palette of black, white, gold, and dusty pink. She had already purchased the fun, graphic dotted crib sheet, so I used that as a starting point for the design inspiration.


Lexi initially had her heart set on the Pottery Barn Harper Crib above, which you may recall me talking about before. However, neither of us was particularly in love with the accompanying furniture, and the couple preferred to have a dedicated dresser, rather than converting an existing one into a changing station. But tell me that black and gold custom-made dresser isn't just gorgeous! I will definitely be using The Papaya Tree in a future project- their vintage style furnishings really make a room. I'm fantasizing about this one for Olivia's next bedroom.

[caption id="attachment_204" align="alignnone" width="650"]Second Draft Second Draft[/caption] In the second draft, I think we've narrowed down the crib and dresser, both from Dwell Studio, and we may be incorporating some items that Lexi already owns- that is, the sheepskin rug, the silver pouf. and the little cart (#24- colour TBD but likely not going to be hot pink as shown ;-)). The armchair is still a big question mark, as Lexi isn't crazy about gliders/ rockers. We both really love this one from Serena and Lily but it's a budget buster and I have questions about how kid-friendly the fabric options will be. Ideally, we'd find something in a liquid-repellant velvet or microfibre. It's a fairly small room (8'x10'), with no closet, so we have to maximise storage space using drawers (rather than cabinets or shelves) and a lovely garment rack, without cluttering up the nursery.

In the next draft, I tone down the colour palette a bit, add in some elegant Jess Brown dolls and other lovely feminine accessories. We consider alternatives to the Serena and Lily stationary arm chair, like the Monte Luca, in White and Black (above). I also try out some other styles and colours from the Monte line. By far, my favourite option is the Monte Grano in white bonded leather, which has nice low arms and reclines (so important if you don't have a bed in the nursery!)

Monte Grano in Stone MicrofibreMonte Grano in Stone Microfibre

Styleboard_Glitter_luca_heather_zoomMonte Luca in Heather Grey with White Piping

Styleboard_Glitter_grano_w_zoomMonte Grano in White Bonded Leather

Styleboard_Glitter_luca_stonew_zoomMonte Luca in Stone Microfibre with White Piping

Styleboard_Glitter_vola_zoomMonte Vola Glider in White Bonded Leather

Ultimately, the couple went with the Gus Modern Kipling Glider in Grey (below), which is going to look gorgeous. I think we're going to pair it with the silver pouf, rather than the accompanying ottoman, to keep it from looking too angular/ masculine. Styleboard_Glitter_6_num Click Here for Resource List Later this week, we talk about the shelf vignette, which expands on the theme of Chic Little Parisienne, and then we change the subject for a bit with a tutorial for a cute heart painting!

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