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Tea Party Planning

I've been very busy this week, attempting to prepare for Olivia's first birthday party this weekend. We were supposed to have it next week on her actual birthday but wanted to have my grandmother attend before she returned to Cyprus. I say "attempting to prepare," as it's been difficult getting anything done with a teething baby and a house that currently resembles a bomb site (am I alone in this predicament?). Who knows why I chose this week to host my design giveaway! I knew early on that I wanted a girly themed English Tea Party for Ms. Olivia's birthday, in great contrast to Alex's birthday parties, which tended to centre around him terrorising people in his dinosaur costume. Actually, I recently came across his first birthday party costume. He played the part of a terrifying outlaw. I made him the most adorable "leather" chaps, we attached a set of plastic steer horns to his baby walker, and he entered the party to the theme song of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly." It was something to behold. At Olivia's party, Alex will be dressed as the perfect English (okay, part-English) gentleman, complete with top hat. I really wanted to make some paper flower garlands and tea party themed decor but I find myself stretched so thin at times that I simply cannot manage it. But nature was kind to us this week and our garden peonies have bloomed just in time. Perfect table top decor! I'm planning on using white table linens, real china and silverware- let's hope I don't come to regret this questionable decision. I just cannot fathom hosting a tea party with paper plates. A few party ideas I've been considering. [caption id="attachment_237" align="alignnone" width="675"]Tea party decor Tea party decor[/caption] Links
  1. Rose Garland or a tutorial here
  2. Tabletop roses
  3. Tissue poms
  4. Little tea party
  5. Tissue poms and fans
  6. Cake table with gold touches
  7. Cupcake in a teacup
  8. Lemonade dispenser
[caption id="attachment_238" align="alignnone" width="675"]Birthday cake options Birthday cake options[/caption] Links
  1. Animal tea party cake
  2. Strawberry mousse cake recipe
  3. Chocolate raspberry tuxedo cake
  4. Ombre cake
  5. Rose petal cake
  6. "One" cake
  7. Rose petal buttercream frosting
I've really been fantasizing about that strawberry mousse cake recipe but it's a big risk to take making it for the first time on such an occasion. Plus, would it be dense enough to hold the weight of the rosette frosting? In the end, I may opt for my old reliable chocolate devil's food cake with chocolate mousse buttercream, from Jill o'Connor's Sticky Chewy, Messy, Gooey (a recipe book purchase you will not regret). Not the same visual impact as the rosette cake but it makes up for it in other ways. And then of course, there's the dessert table. Plenty of fresh cream, mascarpone, strawberries and chocolate to go around!
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="675"] Dessert options[/caption]
  1. Rosette cupcakes
  2. White chocolate dipped heart cookies
  3. Mini cheesecakes
  4. Mini heart-shaped pavlovas
  5. Petit fours
  6. Strawberry meringues
And how sweet is this little outdoor movie screening from Joni, at Lay Baby Lay! [caption id="attachment_954" align="alignnone" width="600"]Outdoor movie screening at Lay Baby Lay Outdoor movie screening at Lay Baby Lay[/caption] I'll update you on the party next week and hope to share some lovely "tried and true" hors d'oeuvre recipes, plus some new ones. The party is in T-2 days and I'm panicking slightly. For more tea party inspiration, see my Kids' Birthday Pinterest board. Next week, I get to share with you the nursery design I've been working on for the lovely Lexi, of Glitter Inc. Here and here are the Pinterest boards, if you'd like a preview. And once again, don't forget to enter the DESIGN GIVEAWAY! Floral tea party feature image 

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