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How to Enter a Giveaway Using Rafflecopter

So sorry to be doing another giveaway post here. Last one in this series, promise! I'm so involved in social media these days that I forget to take into account that the lone rangers out there without facebook can't see all the entry options for a giveaway with rafflecopter. Sorry guys, I thought I was making it simpler but I'll have to think of an easier entry method next time. But just in case there is anyone needing help to enter this giveaway, I wanted to go through the simple steps really quickly. If you're not logged into facebook, you'll see this screen

To see the entry options, log into facebook or enter your name and email address, as below (you're not signing up for anything, just providing a way for me to let you know you've won)

Once you're logged in, you'll see the giveaway entry options. You can enter one or all of them to up your chances. (Click below to read more).

As you complete the entries, you'll see the 0/7 entries earned increase in number. Even if you don't participate in social media, you can enter the giveaway by posting a comment at the bottom of the blog (as shown below).


Click the "leave a blog post comment" option on the giveaway widget after you've left posted your comment.

Don't forget to click the green "I commented" tab.

Manually click the "like button" for facebook entries and then click "I'm a fan." If you already like Lex&Liv, click "I'm a fan" to register your entry.

The same goes for Twitter, Click the follow @lexandlivdesign tab and then input your twitter name. Click the green "I follow on twitter" tab.

  The rest follows the same way. Hope this wasn't too terribly confusing. Next time, I'll just include links on my giveaway post and ask that you leave a comment every time you follow something. I do think the rafflecopter widget is so cool though, and their customer service is amazing; it just may be a bit confusing for people not accustomed with giveaways using social media.

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