On My Shelf: To the Moon and Back – Katerina Buscemi
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On My Shelf: To the Moon and Back

Sorry for the radio silence!! I've had family in from out of town (and country) this past week for Alex's birthday party. Was frantically and unsuccessfully trying to ready the house for their arrival and have neglected to update my little blog. Things have been busy behind the scenes, though.  I've been collaborating on a very exciting (and gorgeous, if I do say so myself ;-)) nursery design for an expectant blogger. I can't share anything about it right now but DO get your hopes up because this one is shaping up to be gorgeous!

In the mean time, I've put together a little Shelf style board for "Anonymous," who is designing a galactic themed bedroom for her 5 year old son and in need of a little inspiration. Sorry for the delay, Anonymous! I hope this little shelf vignette can adequately demonstrate that you can add colour and dimension to a neutral colour scheme with the help of toys, books and accessories. By the way, I am just in love with these quirky monsters from the Monster Factory!

The initial design is shown with the magnificent "Lucky Star" wallpaper, in silver metallic, by designers Sissy+Marley for Jill Malek. I'm so in love with it, and you should check out their pinterest page for images of this wallpaper in a room setting.

I'm all too aware though of the wallpaper commitment-phobes out there, for I am one of them. Wallpaper can also be a hefty investment. One really great alternative is to apply vinyl wall decals, such as these star decals from Urban Walls (you may remember that I used their "Seeing Stars" decals in Olivia's room). By playing with wall and star colour, you can really achieve unique effects.

By using a white background and silver decal, you can achieve close to the effect of the first image. For more contrast, select the grey decal with a white background.

[caption id="attachment_272" align="alignnone" width="650"]OMS_Moon_darkstar_650 Version 2[/caption]

And for even more dramatic results, create the effect below with a dark wall (colour shown is Benjamin Moore "Deep Space") paired with white stars.

[caption id="attachment_273" align="alignnone" width="650"]Version 3 Version 3[/caption]

See the resource list below

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="650"] Version 1[/caption]


Resource List

  1. Lucky Star Wallpaper, Sissy+Marley for Jilly Malek. Alternatively, use these decals from Urban Walls. Version 3 wall colour is Benjamin Moore "Deep Space."
  2. Flensted So Close Mobile, Fjorn Scandinavian ($79.50)
  3. Solar System Print, Brandon Riesgo on Etsy ($15) *
  4. Lego City Space Shuttle, Amazon ($65.99)
  5. Ekby Shelf in White Aluminum, Ikea ($14.95)
  6. Rocketship Teether, Smiling Tree Toys on Etsy ($12)
  7. Cosmos, Carl Sagan, Amazon ($12)
  8. Magnetic Wooden Toy Rocket, Giggle ($20)
  9. "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," Douglas Adams, Amazon ($11.86)
  10. Space Babo, Uglydolls ($20)
  11. Stanley, Monster Factory ($29.95)
  12. "The Way Back Home", Oliver Jeffers, Amazon ($13.35)
  13. Pointy Max Little Ugly, Uglydoll ($10)
  14. "There's No Place Like Space," Tish Tabe, Amazon ($5.08)
  15. Sleeping Under the Stars Nightlight, Land of Nod ($29.95)
  16. Kyle, Monster Factory ($12.95)
  17. Doyle, Monster Factory ($34.95)
  18. "Flight to the Moon" Bookend, Design Atelier Article ($39)
  19. Walnut Ellipse 3 Drawer Dresser, Land of Nod ($599)

*not shown to scale

Oct 24, 2015

Thank you Katerina!<br /><br />It looks terrific and I love how you applied the stars in Olivia&#39;s room. Thank you again.

Oct 24, 2015

Thank you. I am checking back on the comments and making notes. You have been so generous with your talents, thank you. <br /><br />That wallpaper is cute too (very similar). The decals probably make more sense for us since you can selectively place them around the room. His room doubles as his play room (and occasional guest room) so there is a lot going on. It is one of the things I liked

Oct 24, 2015

not sure if you&#39;ve subscribed to these comments but i thought you might like this wallpaper too. Not sure whether you were interested in taking the theme that far though ;-)<br />http://www.2modern.com/collections/walls-wallpaper/products/astrobots-wallpaper

Oct 24, 2015

Thank you! BTW, do you go by anything other than Anonymous? ;-)<br />I actually just put up this screenprint on my son&#39;s wall. https://www.etsy.com/listing/163205060/2014-moon-phases-calendar-22×30-large <br />It looks fabulous! Post goes live tomorrow.

Oct 24, 2015

Hi Laura,<br />I agree that a room shouldn&#39;t be too &quot;themey.&quot; I don&#39;t actually have an obvious theme for either of my kids&#39; rooms, though I suppose I do gravitate towards geekery for my son&#39;s room and woodland animals for my daughter&#39;s.<br />I do hope you&#39;ll share the result with me!<br />by the way, I am going to be doing a design giveaway in the next couple of


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