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Lagging :-/

oh my, has it been a week since I last posted?

Stretched a bit thin at the moment- about a mile wide and an inch deep. Make that 1/4 inch. Working on so many simultaneous posts that I've lost track of what I'm doing and cannot seem to finish anything.

Plus, Olivia's teething schedule is seriously interfering with my efforts at sleeping.

And Mr Alex has "rediscovered" ABC mouse and commandeered my computer for himself. I suppose I have no say in the matter.

*Edit: Oh, forgot to add. Was traumatized to discover that someone clicked on my "crazy face" profile pic (I seriously do not have a single unembarrassing photograph of myself- unless you count the ones from my wedding 10 years ago, which hardly make appropriate profile images). So, spent a considerable amount of time *patiently* explaining to my husband the manner in which I would like my photograph taken. Several shots and many more fake smiles later, I realised he had been cutting my hair and chin off and pretty much just zoomed in on my nose. So, needless to say you will have to bear with the crazy eye one for a while longer while I attempt to find a photographer who can capture me in a slightly more flattering light.

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