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Progress on Olivia's room

Still making little additions and improvements to Olivia's room, editing and adding little pieces. One of the areas I wanted to address was the changing station. I purchased a baby changer/ dresser with the intention of changing babies on it but I've actually always changed the kids on a changing mat on the floor. Not only does it feel safer that way, we have a bit of playtime on the floor afterwards and I've snapped some of my favourite photos of the kids there. The light from window above is perfect for pictures and even a photographic novice such as I manage to capture some great images (though always by accident).

I was very excited for the mail to arrive today because I suspected my little package from the Ukraine had arrived. How I hate to wait for orders to clear customs... but my little find is so adorable that it was worth the extra wait. I was having the hardest time finding cute, playful bookends until I thought to check on Etsy and was suddenly spoiled for choice. It was difficult deciding between this little Elf and Squirrel and the Fox.

So, a couple of new additions to the dresser "vignette" today, see below for links.

Resource Links

1. Runaway Bunny (gift)
2. Between a Rock and a Lamp Base, Land of Nod (silver base, red shade)
3. Helen Dardik art, Etsy, with Target Threshold frames
4. Hedgehog Wildlife Wheeler, Land of Nod
5. Paint colour Repose Grey, SW7015, Sherwin Williams
6. Puffin Children's Classics Deluxe collection. (I purchased them individually because they were less expensive this way but they arrived in quite bad shape)
7. Elf and Squirrel bookend, Design Atelier Article (Etsy)
8. Porcelain Bunny Nightlight, Land of Nod
9. Romina Karisma Baby Station in Espresso
10. "Seeing Stars" Decals, in Silver, Urban Walls
11. Wall Clockin Grassy Green, Uncommon (Etsy) 

Puffin Classic Books and Squirrel/ Elf bookend

My next project is to find/ create a custom piece of artwork for above the glider. I had some little painted birdhouses on the wall there but I'm not really happy with them in that location. I was thinking perhaps something along these lines. How unoriginal are we when the artwork already has her name on it? :-)

Little Miss,
Now that I've photographed the dresser, that wall is looking a little blank to me. Perhaps some DIY tissue fans, such as the ones in Joy Cho's daughter Ruby's room below.

Ruby's Room, via Oh Joy!

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Oct 24, 2015

Her room looks great! I&#39;m having my first girl, and hunting for nursery inspiration everywhere. Love that lamp!<br />xx Lexi, <a href="" rel="nofollow">Glitter, Inc.</a>

Oct 24, 2015

Thanks so much, Lexi! The lamp comes in gold too, which I also love paired with the hot pink shade. And I&#39;m also loving Oh Joy&#39;s Half karat lamp (with a different shade) but I went with a silver theme because the room was painted grey and I stuck with it. I feel like I&#39;ll never be done with O&#39;s nursery. At


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