Beautiful Children's Rooms – Katerina Buscemi
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Beautiful Children's Rooms

I've "discovered" (only so far as you can argue that Columbus discovered the Americas) two wonderful blogs recently. I suppose you could say I'm more or less obsessed with the children's rooms I'm about to highlight. They are just oh-so-gorgeous and sophisticated, and I hope to one day be responsible for designing something so livably elegant.

Christine Dovey, of Bijou and Boheme, manages to parent four children and still be a rocking design goddess. How does she do it? Must know her secrets!! I can barely mother two children and walk a straight line, let alone be a productive human being. Let the fawning commence...

Youngest son Jasper's room can be seen all over Pinterest this month. I think I've personally pinned the same images 5 or 6 times. That brass campaign rocker is so beautiful. Would love to know if it's at all comfortable to nurse in, since my experience of nursing chairs has meant an inverse relationship between comfort and looks.

Photography by Ashley Capp for Style at Home.

And here is the same room, featured in Style Me Pretty.

Photography by Ashley Capp for Style Me Pretty.
Design by Christine Dovey.

The other room which really caught my eye is that of Christine's youngest daughter. I can't get enough of gold and pink lately, and I am totally in love with Oh Joy's wallpaper for Hygge & West, Petal Pusher. If I didn't think my husband's vehement objections would get in the way, this would be my room.

I love how the subtle dusty pink of the bedding is repeated on the ceiling.

I'm considering West Elm's Souk rug for my own home. It's gorgeous AND well priced. Perhaps when I finally carve myself out a little office space in the morning room.

I have to find out what this fabric is on the pillow above (*See edit). It reminds me a little of this Angles wallpaper, by Erica Wakerly. I'm tempted to see if I can recreate the design on Alex's Merete curtains, as I've been meaning to paint them.

Photography by Ashley Capp for Style Me Pretty.
Design by Christine Dovey.

Now, those of you who haven't been reading Bailey McCarthy on Peppermint Bliss- where on earth have you been? Probably the same place I've been. I really need to make a more concerted effort to be aware of the goings-on in the blogosphere. I think my reluctance to fully embrace social media (cannot stand the twitter!) has left me somewhat in the dark. I came across this enchanting, unique "little man's room" on Le Pinterest and I am just besotted (because I had to come up with a word other than obsessed, which I also am). I'm still somewhat ambivalent about the use of battle motifs (War is, after all, not a frivolous matter) but then the shallow-me wins because it really is the cutest bedroom.
Bold velvet upholstered pintucked headboard for the little soldier.
Stylish, yet comfortable.

No gentleman's quarters would be complete without a pianoforte

Photography by Kimberly Chau for Style Me Pretty.
Design by Bailey McCarthy from Peppermint Bliss.

This Radio Flyer spring horse is fabulous! (if only I met the weight requirements ;-)) Beats out a rocking horse any day.

These two design blogging women have definitely made me rethink my old contempt for brass. I know. BRASS... IS... IN!! I can barely believe it.

*Edit: The fabric was custom painted by Hollie Cooper. Here is her Etsy shop.

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