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Beautiful stationery from Minted

Hello friends!

I am back in the land of the blog-living.
I'm up and running with my oh-so-beautious macbook and, I have to say, I now understand all of the hype about Apple products. I was a PC girl for a long time but I don't think (fingers crossed) that I can ever look back.

I have so many posts to catch up on, so many ideas running through my head and I will try to cover as much as my children will allow me this weekend.

A while ago I did a nursery style board for Apartment Therapy. I usually like to let smallish vendors (like Etsy store owners) know that I am featuring their work because I suppose it's probably pretty exciting to be featured, even if in a small way, on such a popular home website. I'm not sure whether it has a HUGE impact on sales but the exposure can't hurt either. I also featured some beautiful prints by two artists on Honestly, I didn't even think to let them know about it but, a few days later, I received a very nice note from Natasha, at Minted, thanking me for the mention and offering to send me some stationery samples. In no way do I feel I deserve to be thanked for doing something I enjoy so much but naturally I enthusiastically provided her with my mailing address. I wasn't prepared for all of the boxes of gorgeous personalized stationery sitting on my doorstep two days later. I've snapped some images of the designs, with some purchasing links, should you be interested.

Stationery shown with details on reverse

1. Bellabunny stationery
2. Little Alligator stationery in triple thick paper
3. Dino Parade stationery
4. English Countryside journal
5. Little Whimsy stationery in triple thick paper
6. Pattern Play stationery

I'm not sure whether you can tell from my less than stellar images but each piece of stationery is customized with either my name or the kids' names. I was very impressed with the quality of the stationery and the range of selection on their site. I recommend that anyone planning a wedding check out their beautiful wedding invitations.

Also thoughtfully included were return mail address labels, which I did not include in the images (mainly because I was lazy to blur out my address details). It was quite funny to see Alex and Olivia's names on return address labels. My kids are oh-so-official now! The labels will come in handy for birthday thank you cards this summer.

This was such a sweet surprise. Thank you, Minted!

Stay tuned for my favorite Minted designs roundup (which I hope to post tonight but you never know).

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