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To Do List

My apologies, Dear Reader(s) (both of you) for my long absence. I'm afraid I don't have a tremendous amount to report regarding the progress of the nursery. I have so much to do and my first project seems somewhat daunting. 

"Seeing Stars," by Urban Walls
In one of my previous posts, I mused about applying decals on the crib wall. I've since revisited that idea but, in a moment of blinding optimism, decided it would be much better to decal ALL the walls. I've ordered 100 silver star decals, "Seeing Stars," by Urban Walls, which *should * give the effect of Osborne & Little's Coronata Star Wallpaper if applied correctly. I haven't yet done the maths but I have a feeling I'll need to order more stars.

"Coronata Star," by Osborne and Little

Existing Nursery Wall, painted
Repose Grey, by Sherwin Williams

In order to replicate the Coronata wallpaper, the star decals have to be spaced 7" on centre horizontally and 9" vertically, in a staggered pattern. I don't necessarily want to mark on the walls because if this project ends in disaster, I will my husband will have to repaint them.

My initial thought was to use painter's tape with incremental markings and line up the bottom of each star, however I don't think I'll be able to reuse the tape, which would be expensive and time consuming. I suppose I could also use string but I doubt it would remain taught enough to give the straightest line. My next idea was to get a $40 pen laser level from Home Depot to project a straight line and use a diamond shape cutout 7" wide by 9" tall to *ever-so-lightly* mark the placement with chalk. However, I'm not sure if the laser line will remain true for the entire 10 ft wall span. I feel like I am missing an obvious solution but it may not come to me until I get started. I will document my efforts, should I be successful.

Next, I have to sand and paint the little bird houses I purchased at Joann Fabrics for a staggering $1 a piece. I purchased some Martha Stewart acrylic paints in white, dusty rose and kelly green but I'm thinking of white, fuchsia and neon yellow instead. I'm obsessed with neon yellow lately, in small doses naturally. They'll go on the wall above the glider.

More than two months ago, I ordered the Themis Prism Mobile by Artecnica, shown on Olivia's Nursery presentation board. After 2 months, it was still on backorder, so I cancelled the order and set about to make my own mobile. I'm in love with Kidivist's Etsy shop, which feature origami animal mobiles but it didn't really fit the mood of the room (there isn't really a theme). Inspiration struck when I came across this little kit at Barnes and Noble. Fashion origami! I think it's so whimsical and I haven't seen it in another nursery, though I'm sure it's been done before. I think I'll use wooden dowels and fishing line to suspend them from the ceiling in the middle of the room, well within view from the crib but without a chance of falling into it (have I mentioned that I'm paranoid about things falling into the crib?)

Foldable Fashion Origami, $10

I had initially scoffed at the idea of purchasing the matching Little Auggie crib skirt, citing that it was overpriced (still is!) but I just don't have the inclination to sew one at the moment, and I would probably spend more in fabric and time than it costs to buy. I haven't ironed it or put it on the crib yet but here is a preview. 

"Rabbit Patch," by Little Auggie

After I complete the arduous process of applying the wall decals, I have to hang up the remaining prints and mirror. So little wall space in this tiny 100 square foot room.

My last project is to find a way to store Ms O's ever expanding collection of shoes. These just arrived today.

See Kai Run

Eat your heart out, Imelda!

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