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Decor in the Nursery- Behind the Crib

I'm not sure how most other mothers feel about this but I always cringe a little at the sight of heavy objects and choking/ strangulation hazards hanging anywhere within reach of the crib.

Every time I see this image, I imagine that chandelier falling right on top of baby. And as beautiful as the picture frames are, they might be more appropriately located on an empty wall space, away from curious hands.

Wall frames and chandelier above crib

Flags above crib are a strangulation hazard

This leaves a big empty space behind the crib. One solution is a graphic wall paper but since there are many wallpaper commitment-phobes out there (I am one of them), something a little less permanent but equally stimulating is in order.

You could go big and place a large canvas framed artwork behind the crib, as in this beautiful nursery by designers "Sissy and Marley," featuring one of my favourite's- The IKEA Premiar map.

Sebastian's Nursery, by Sissy + Marley
An alternative to a wall canvas is a wall map mural, which come in various styles and sizes. A good source for adhesive wall maps is, which features removable and restickable Wallzilla maps in an array of sizes. Hammacher Schlemmer's wall mural map also makes good wallpaper, seen below.

Hammacher Schlemmer Wall Map

One of my favourite wallpapers for the nursery is Osborne and Little's "Coronata Star" but this look can be replicated with vinyl wall decals. 

Osborne & Little "Coronata Star" Wallpaper

Osborne & Little "Coronata Star" Wallpaper

Etsy is a great resource for original and inexpensive wall decals. Some shop owners are also sometimes willing to create one of a kind pieces by request. If there's a design or colour that you're not finding, contact the store owner and ask. FabDecals have a 4 1/2" star decal kit in their Etsy Store, though they don't achieve quite the look of the Osborne & Little Wallpaper.

Bright Stars 4 1/2 Decals, by FabDecals on Etsy

One great source for these decals is Urban Walls "Seeing Stars" (edit: which I used for my daughter Olivia's room). With 24 different colours available, including gold and silver, and at a price of only $29 for 50 stars, these decals are both affordable and highly customisable. 

"Seeing Stars" 4" individual decals, by Urban Walls

"Seeing Stars," by Urban Walls

Urban Walls also have some other great decal options, like this 13" star, which can be used to achieve the effect created in this calming pink nursery.

"Stars" 13" decal, by Urban Walls

Urban Walls also has some other great decal options

Small Polkadots


Plus Signs

There are also various options for removable wallpaper. Chasing Paper is a new company specialising in stylish, removable wallpaper, and they're not just for your walls.

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

Chasing Paper

As you can see, I'm going to have quite a time choosing a backdrop for the crib. I'm not quite sure the star motif is a good fit for Ms. O's Nursery but the polkadot or plus sign motif from Urban Walls might be worth considering.

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