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Alex's Room Renovation: Floors are in

The floors are FINALLY in. It's been an arduous process to say the least. If there's one recommendation I could make to anyone considering strand bamboo or exotic flooring, it's that you find out how experienced your installer is with that particular species of wood. Strand bamboo is an incredibly hard floor; it's 25% harder than red oak. The particular floor we chose is a fairly short, wide plank, and the hardness makes it incredibly unforgiving. With an oak floor, any deviations from a straight line can be "faked" by pounding the wood because it is softer and more forgiving; however, the lines have to remain completely straight when installing a strand bamboo floor or gaps start to appear. Needless to say, it was a much more involved process than anyone had anticipated. 

I have to say though, I think it looks great. Pardon the layer of dust; we haven't had a chance to clean it yet because the contractors have some touch up work to do tomorrow. 

View of future sleeping space

The leaky window has been replaced

Future sitting area

Closer view of (dusty) floor
Tomorrow, I hope to get the room cleaned and start bringing in the little bit of furniture that has arrived. I hope to have something worthy of an update soon.

xxx Katerina
Oct 24, 2015

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