The 11th Hour Renovation – Katerina Buscemi
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The 11th Hour Renovation

The 37th week of pregnancy might not be considered the best time to begin a big room renovation for your 3 year old but it appears as though the forces-that-be are conspiring against my efforts to get Alex into his own room before the baby arrives.

We put in the big (read: expensive) furniture order with Land of Nod more than two weeks ago. One of the items (twin sleeper sofa) was back-ordered until early July, and I've just received word from their customer service rep that they had planned on delaying the entire shipment until it was ready. I'll admit it, I pulled the pregnant lady card. I don't do it often. I never park in the "fat, pregnant lady parking" at the supermarket, and I always say that I'm feeling great when asked (despite the cankles and GD) but when she told me I wouldn't have my furnit
ure until mid to late July, my knee jerk reaction was to declare that "I'm giving birth in two weeks!!" After a somewhat uncomfortable silence, in which she undoubtedly contemplated what my birthing schedule had to do with the furniture order for a 3 year old, she agreed to put the rest of the furniture on a separate shipment. So, we should at least be getting it in by mid June. Not ideal but also not totally unacceptable. I should add that I'm fairly certain I confirmed with them before ordering the back-ordered item that I would not have to wait until it was ready before receiving my other furniture. Fairly certain. 

Morning Star Qing Spyder Strand Bamboo, 
available at Lumber Liquidators
So far, we've had the contractors tear out all of the dusty carpeting and we're replacing it with a very dark strand bamboo. It's an extremely hard material but I'm concerned about it scratching, so we've delayed the installation of the floor until after the leaky window gets replaced. As a result of scheduling conflicts, the floor won't be in for another couple of weeks.

Here's an image of the floor from Lumber Liquidators' website (similar wall colour shown). It's going to be a bother to keep clean, for sure, but totally worth it.

We chose a pale grey/ blue colour for the walls. North Star, by Sherwin Williams (SW 6246). 

I like to keep wall colours and furniture colours fairly understated, and add interest with colourful accessories and artwork. They're so much easier to change out as your tastes change and your child outgrows them.

Here are the photos of the space as it is currently. Walls and ceiling have been painted (though I'm not thrilled that the ceiling is looking somewhat reflective- note to self: always use flat paint on ceiling). The pendant lights have been installed. Wish we had taller ceilings so that they could hang down a little longer. Obviously, we haven't added the drum shade portion to the lights yet.

View of the playroom/ TV area

Sleeping area
I'll be adding images of the floor plans and elevations soon, as well as furniture inspiration boards. Stay tuned!

xxx Katerina

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